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(Picture only shows half of the room as the wide angle lens from the stage is not wide enough. Think of it like a butterfly image.) I’ve completed my two talks at Farm Tech12 in Edmonton Alberta Canada, one as … Read More

Following the sun to generate energy

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Scotland Farm’s new solar panels have made the features section of the Farmers’ Guardian. The article is reproduced below with a link to the original at the bottom. A new generation of photovoltaic panels which turn to follow the sun to produce solar … Read More

FarmTech 12

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I’m currently in Canada, Edmonton in Alberta at FarmTech12 a conference and agricultural showcase. I’ve never seen anything quiet like it. 1600 farmers for 3 days listening to keynote speakers in the main room pictured below and then break out … Read More

Nuffield irish conference

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The Irish nuffield conference was on Friday afternoon with presentations from Julian, Kevin, Kevin, bill and bill. Caroline made it from the Uk as well. Good papers by all. On saturday Steve and i went hunting for the day with … Read More

CTF conference at PX Farms

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Excellent conference on CTF and my Nuffield adventure. Very grateful for all the presenters and farmers that attended. We had a turn out of over 80 people. Tim Chamen and his wife worked hard on the day. We had Robert … Read More