Learning Verve – Nuffield Scholarships

This months edition of CLA’s Land & Business featured an article about the UK Nuffield Scholarships and how they give people a chance to pursue research in farming, food, horticulture or the rural sector. As part of the article they spoke to past Nuffield Scholars, including our very own James Peck, to get their views on what a scholarship meant to them. To read the full article click on the image below, and for more information on Nuffield Scholarships click here.




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Px farms team did a first aid course which goes towards there continued development. This course goes towards 7 hours of the 35 we have to do to keep our haulage licence. It was great fun to be part of the team whilst learning, much humour. Tanya did well showing us how a small person can move a larger body into a recovery position.

Workshop gets a make over

Chris Graham has started to give the workshop a make over with the help of Spaldings. A full conversion to metric. We have produced a health and safety board. A full stock of spanners to nuts and bolts and a monthly report produced of stock and use. With the help of Spaldings the stock will be replaced monthly and a daily equipment check in place.