Awaiting Harvest, the sleeping giants wake from hibernation

Aberdeen Store is emptied ready for harvest 2012. The combines and challengers have come out for pre harvest check. Due to the daily rain we are having to work inside, the solar panels are working hard providing the electricity for the lights. We have had 451 mm since the 1st January and 372 all of last year. Average rainfall for the area 550 mm. 2008 which was the wettest since our records started in 1982 was 876 mm. So its 50/50 on whether harvest will be wet. Ive ordered the kerosene for the drier and supplied the men with wellingtons.

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Grainstore lab becomes operational

We have installed a full grain lab facility. Moisture, protein, specific weight, hagberg falling number, oil content, admixture, mycotoxins.
We are able to test in house and third parties samples.
We will be storing this season, feed wheat, milling wheat, oilseed, premium soft wheats and specialist crops.
Ventilation pipes have been put in place ready for this years harvest.