Louise’s wedding

My sister got married to Alex Lewis on Saturday at Dry Drayton church and then south farm near Royston. I had the pleasure of being chauffeur in the family Rolls Royce. We broken down but as luck would have it we were out side the farm so we changed vehicles. Louise had a lovely cake made with all of the family sat around the head table. A lovely day.

Check rural credentials of Police and Crime Commissioner contenders


A press release from the Country Land & Business Association has urged people living and working in the countryside to ensure that their candidates for Police and Crime Commissioner have an understanding of rural concerns.

Rural membership body for the East, the Country Land and Business Association (CLA), is urging those who live and work in the countryside to ensure the candidates standing for Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) have an understanding of rural concerns.

In its briefing ahead of the PCC elections on 15 November, the CLA identified metal, vehicle, machinery and fuel theft, arson, vandalism, poaching, hare coursing, illegal betting and fly-tipping as just some of the crimes that hugely impact rural businesses and communities.

CLA East regional director Nicola Currie said: “Rural issues are all too often overshadowed by urban concerns. Candidates have more potential voters in towns and cities, but they also have a responsibility to look after those in the countryside.

“At this time of year especially, as we move into more hours of darkness, the incidences of equipment and metal theft, fly tipping, livestock rustling and poaching increase greatly in isolated rural communities.”

CLA Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire Chairman, James Peck, of Scotland Farm at Dry Drayton, commented: “Rural crime must not be overlooked with the budget cuts. Rural crime in the last 12 months has cost us personally in excess of £10,000. Rural people live in fear they will be targeted and confidence in the police response is low.

“Our local countryside-watch bulletin shows an alarming amount of crime is taking place in a 15 mile radius of our farm. Every week we are targeted. Vandalism from dog walkers has particularly affected us.”

Mrs Currie added: “We are now little more than three weeks before the election, and some candidates have still to make their introductory statement, so we are urging CLA members to research the rural credentials of the candidates in their area.

“It’s very easy to dismiss these new appointments as irrelevant, but it’s only by getting involved that we will get the PCC who can offer us the best future.”

Hedge plants being ripped out

We have had to put up a fence to prevent further damage to the hedge plants. Hedge damage between Barhill and Dry Drayton has cost over £2670 in damage in one year just over 220 metres. We have 1800 metres planned in this area and we wonder if its worth the cost and energy if we live in a criminal society. How can nature and the environment prosper in an area where it’s all about walking the dog and trespass. Even with permissive paths for people to enjoy the countryside, people are determined to walk where they shouldn’t even to the destruction of wildlife habitats. As a community we must work together to stop the few spoiling it for the many. I went to the parish council meeting on Tuesday to tell them about the damage and problems. They where horrified about the damage and we must educate people to avoid it continuing.

JCB 550 80

Our new 5.5 tonne forklift for the Grainstore has arrived. We have a new 3.6 tonne bucket coming on Friday. This will take us to 5.2 minutes per 30 tonne lorry. An improvement from 8.4 on our current forklift. My yard is beginning to look like a JCB dealership.

Wet wet wet drayton

This morning I woke to see a message that the cat and subsoiler had found a hole at 1 am where it had a rest. Please bring back the sun and wind for a week. We had to take the subsoiler off to get the cat out and then the subsoiler had to be pulled from afar.
I’m hoping next week will be an Indian summer.