Cultivating in front of the beet drill

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The conditions are wonderful this year for cultivating and drilling sugar beet. I’ve never known a spring like this in the beginning of March. I’m cultivating in front and simon is drilling sugar beet behind. We completed 80 ha (200 acres) yesterday. Very satisfying day. The sun came out. Wet today so tomorrow looks to be better.

Sugar beet drilling

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We started drilling the sugar beet today with a 24 row beet drill at 50cm. Working in 12 mt CTF. The soil has warmed from the sun last week. We are drilling early sugar beet variety designed for early drilling. Hopefully tomorrow we will be on the heavy land.

Sima agricultural show

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Sima the second largest agricultural show in the world is held in Paris. Part of the team came for a study trip to look at new technology. Great time had looking at the machinery and technology with many ideas coming together.

Fertiliser has started

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16 c temperature the crops are coming to life. and wanting some nitrogen to pick them up and get the growing started.

Ryan is busy applying granular nitrogen and sulphur while Archie is putting on some liquid nitrogen across the barleys. While the sun shines the countryside looks magical.

Sugar beet going well and soil conditioner arriving.

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Eight lorries are currently taking sugar beet to Wissington and bring back soil conditioner. The Limex is used in a rotation around the farm to improve phosphate, potash, and ph correction.

As a by product from the manufacturing process of processing sugar beet into sugar its a sustainable fertiliser back to land for the next crop.

Simon is busy stock piling while Emil is reloading the lorries with sugar beet.

Freddy and Raymond are cracking on harvesting the sugar beet taking advantage of the frosts.

Jamie is cultivating behind while Richard is hedgecutting and Ryan is ploughing and drilling the previous sugar beet pads.

Great team effort. Something to be proud of.

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