China 17th October – 29th October 2010

China 17th October – 29th October 2010

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Arrived in china and meet up with the group, Arwyn, Claire, Tony, Kevin, Jim, Helen and Helen. We started our adventure around china with new smells, tastes and sights. The pictures shows an afternoon at a school teaching students about the UK. Luckly we did it in pairs and arwyn was my double and did a sterling job entertaining the students with talking welsh and showing them his home on Snowdon. My lasting impression of the trip was Tony had the ability to eat anything including chickens heads, turtles, chicken feet. The chinese people believe they will be the farmers to feed the world.

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Rural crime & farming

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BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

As part of last week’s BBC Radio Cambridgeshire look at rural crime, Breakfast Show presenter Jeremy Sallis came down to P.X. Farms to find out from James what experiences he’s had, and what P.X. Farms are doing to prevent crime.

Jeremy also spoke to the NFU about Cambridgeshire Police’s Rural Community Action Team and how they were trying to assist farmers in the fight against crime. The section was transmitted on the 3rd September and is reproduced below with kind permission of BBC Radio Cambridgeshire.

If you wish to download the file so that you can listen to it later ‘right click’ the following link and choose the save option from the fly out menu: Rural crime – P.X. Farms on Radio Cambridgeshire (6.6 MB – MP3 format).

The whole breakfast show is available to listen to again for one week after transmission via the BBC iPlayer.

BBC iPlayer

Bad weather hits the region

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With torrential rain, flooding and even a tornado in the region, ITV’s Anglia Tonight programme visited Scotland Farm and spoke to James Peck about the impact on the harvest.

The interview was shown on the 24th August and is reproduced below with kind permission of ITV.

P.X. Farms on ITV

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For the second time in two weeks, ITV Anglia has been to visit Scotland Farm. It’s harvest time and their reporter came to see our CLAAS Lexion 600TT Combine in action and find out more about this busy time of year.

Whilst at the farm they interviewed Chris and James, and the clip is reproduced with kind permission of ITV Anglia.

James Peck on Radio Cambridgeshire

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BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

Following on from last years’ visit, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire’s Jeremy Sallis visited P.X. Farms and spoke to James Peck to see how harvest was going.

The interview was aired on the breakfast show on Tuesday 10th August 2010, but if you missed it you can listen again below. Extract reproduced with kind permission of BBC Radio Cambridgeshire.

If you wish to download the file, so that you can listen to it later, please ‘right click’ on the following link and select the save/download option from the fly out menu: James Peck on Radio Cambridgeshire (2.4 MB – MP3 format).

You can listen to the whole show again for one week after transmission via the BBC iPlayer.

BBC iPlayer


A day with mighty machines…

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…for Ely School at Dry Drayton.

Mighty machines were the big attraction when over a hundred children from Spring Meadow Infant and Nursery School in Ely came to visit Scotland Farm, Dry Drayton.

Spring Meadow School children and tractor at P.X. Farms

This was the first time that many of five and six year olds had been so close to the huge tractors and other farm implements that work land all over Cambridgeshire and produce the crops which are so important to the economy of the county.

“The children loved having the chance to see a working farm and to get so close to farm vehicles,” says deputy headmistress, Sarah Latimer. “They were also fascinated by the vast store and the grain it contained.”

James Peck talking to Spring Meadow School pupils

“A delight to have them here,” says James Peck, whose company P.X. Farms manages his family’s acres. “We farmers tend to forget that even people living in an agricultural area like this are not necessarily familiar with the farming that surrounds them.”

“I was a little apprehensive about having so many children here, but they were extremely well behaved and listened to all that I had to tell them. We showed them foods such as breakfast cereals so that they could see how various crops end up – and weighed them in classes on our weighbridge.”

James is vice-chairman of the Cambridgeshire branch of the CLA ( Country Land and Business Association). “Our organisation is keen to do as much as possible to educate people – of all ages – about farming and the countryside. This kind of visit is precisely what is needed, and very rewarding. After the visit they sent me a super book of their drawings of the day.”

Class weigh in at P.X. Farms

“The children and the adults who came with them certainly learnt a lot from the day,” says Mrs Latimer.

For further information contact:

James Peck (P.X. Farms) on 01954 210211 or 07976 939596
Sally Smith (CLA PR) on 01553 764422 or 07729 448046
Sarah Latimer (Spring Meadow Infant & Nursery School) on 01353 664 742

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