New hedge

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Roger Pinner has kindly come and planted a new hedge along Scotland Road and Cherrytrees down Rectory Farm drive. They look super and hopefully in 3 years it will look magnificent with colour in the spring.

Planting of the new common wealth plantation has also started opposite the cottages with a new hedge being planted along the road and the verge grass seeded so we can mow with the tractor mower.

Rectory farm house has had a new hornbeam hedge planted around the garden and the surrounding paddocks with native clayland hedge plants.

Looking forward to seeing it all mature over the next 10 years.

Potato lifting has finished

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The potatoes are all lifted, areas lifted Burnham deep dale next to the sea on sand land and the reminder on fen soils around Manea and Baston areas. Great team effort and well deserved rest for the guys.

Sugar beet at Rectory Farm

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The sugar beet is being lifted at Rectory Farm with the ropa and chaser with the challenger working behind ready for the drill. Sky fall Milling wheat will be drilled to be used for bread making.

Ploughing on top on beet land

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Jamie is busy ploughing on top of ex beet land in front of the drill. This is not a common activity for us. We are ploughing up dry from the dry summer where the soil hasn’t been driven on.

Ryan is following up behind with the combination drill drilling winter wheat.

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