Combine clean down

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It takes three days to clean down each combine, getting the dust and trash out of all the hidden parts on a harvester. Panels off, road compressor to blow the internals down and power washer for exterior panels. If you don’t get it right the mice and rats get into the combines in the winter and eat the electric wires and rubber, which can run into 10’s of thousands of new wiring looms so it’s an important job for the end of season but not the most glamorous.

Well done team PX

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Well done everyone the combinable harvest is in. Lovely combining conditions but sadly the dry time had a big impact of 30% on the yields and up to 50% on some spring crops.

The weather was wonderful as a human but sadly timely rains could have made a tremendous difference. Thank goodness that the prices in reflection has gone up, what a difference price has over yield on a farm. A great range of crops and a super team from combining to haulage to grainstorage and admin, there’s 17 people directly involved and 7 additional spreading, baling, mowing behind.

It’s a wonderful site the last run being cut down the field.

A big operation to clean them down ready for there winter storage and there service. Thank you to the service team who kept us going through breakdowns. We have had some exiting moments through harvest.


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We waited patiently for the rain to soften the ground. The last rain has made a big difference, cultivating the light land after the rain is going a dream. Freddy and Raymond are cultivating and subsoiling getting the land ready for the sugar beet next spring.

Breakdowns at harvest

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Thursday morning wasn’t the best start to harvest when we moved a combine to another farm and an o ring failed resulting in grinding to a halt on the busiest junction in East Anglia. Claas attended the seen and fixed the problem to get us on our way. Sadly we slowed the traffic up and I’m sorry to the motorist who’s journey was delayed.

The white granules in the photo we put down to soak up any oil while the work was completed.

Highways England turned up to assist with the road cleaning and ratcliffes recovery to see if they could help.

Thank you to all involved in assisting us.

The combine was up and running and combining barley in the afternoon.

Hot weather and fire risk

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Thank you to the advise from David Cox from Australia on fire prevention when combining.

The Dry time we are experiencing has caused numerous fires from combines in the east.

Anglia Sprayers kindly came and built us a mini fire engine to help with fire management.

Hopefully we don’t need to use it.

Harvest started tonight, we are getting everything ready and hopefully tomorrow will be a big day.

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