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Innovative Methods 

Helping increase yield and profitability, and reducing environmental impact

Here at P.X. Farms we work directly with landowners, trustees, land agents and organisations to offer the best solution for your needs. Our highly skilled staff are equipped with the latest Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF) machinery, backed by our management expertise to help us to establish and harvest the best possible crops. We are a recognised, credible, award-winning business passionate about farming and improving year on year. Out staff receive continuous training to ensure high quality service.
Streamlined activities have enabled us to reduce environmental impact, maintain soil quality using base fertiliser application, improve efficiency and increase profits. Our diversity of crop rotations promotes weed control and pest management.
  • Our CTF reduces compaction by a minimum of 66% on traditional systems
  • We have reduced inputs chemical and fertiliser by 5% and fossil fuel by 12%
  • We manage nutrient replacement by replacing the off take and investing in capital improvement
  • Our machinery is selected for timely operations and minimising impact to the soil
  • Pesticide and fertiliser machinery is accurate to 5 cm for applications controlling the sections across the booms. Fertiliser is applied via a pneumatic boom for specific application to look after the environment and accurately place the fertiliser for the crop
  • P.X. Haulage lorries are used to haul produce from the fields, to the lab, cleaning and storage and then on to the final destination as well as deliver the fertiliser.
Discover more about the innovative methods we use like CTF, Real Time Kinematic (RTK), Yield Mapping and Sugar Beet Grower Group.
Working with P.X. Farms means that you can take advantage of a number of field to mill services, whether as a standalone or combined solution, click here to find out more.


We can offer a tailored blend of arrangements:

  • Contract farming
  • Long term farming business tenancies
  • Specialist crop licences

We offer a blend of tailored solutions to landowner requirements including:

  • Cultivations, drilling and fertilising
  • Combining
  • Grain storage
  • Grain sales
  • Agronomy
  • Administration
  • Yield mapping used as part of our precision farming and long term management to determine the effects of the last farming season and where we can improve for future seasons.

We use a broad rotation to grow a variety of crops including:

  • Mustard
  • Spring peas
  • Oil seed rape
  • Sugar beet
  • Winter and Spring beans
  • Vegetable crops
  • Spring linseed
  • Winter feed barley
  • Spring malting barley
  • Winter milling and feed wheat
  • Spring milling and feed wheat.