This year, we will harvest our first crop of potatoes thanks to a huge investment in bespoke new machinery developed in partnership with agronomists and potato experts.
This serious investment in state-of-the-art technology is another example of our ongoing commitment to innovation that creates new opportunities, as well as greater efficiencies and yields.
We currently farm more than10,000 acres of sugar beet and combinable crops across multiple counties on a farm business tenancy, contract or vegetable licence basis. P.X. Farms is proud to use state-of-the-art technology to increase returns on a per hectare basis and protect soil health.
Using the latest controlled traffic farming (CTF) and real-time kinematic (RTK) techniques, highly trained staff and the latest precision farming equipment, the business aims to increase annual yields by as much as 18% over traditional random traffic methods.

GRIMME GL 860 Compacta

We hope everyone is having a great bank holiday weekend and you're all ready for the premiere of our latest video. This is the first ever GRIMME GL 860 Compacta in the United Kingdom and what machine it is. This 8-row beast was planting up to 40 hectares a day with plating speeds of around 8-9kmph this spring. It's also surprisingly compact on the road and folds up to a transport width of just 3.35m. We just want say a big thank you to P.X. Farms and Farming Photography for making this video possible, we hope you all enjoy it.

Posted by GRIMME UK on Sunday, 26 May 2019

This notable investment to diversify into potatoes has given us a new opportunity to offer variation in cropping as a return back to our landowners. We’re also able to complement this diversification with our existing services including haulage and storage. By combining scale for efficiencies of economics and building value through specialisms, we can directly benefit our customers. And as we have a highly trained team to support potato farming, we continue to ensure long term soil health, decreased costs, increased yields and proper custodianship of the countryside.
Embracing CTF and other innovative methods, we work with a common-sense approach farming a diversity of crops.