Huniting with the Quorn

Last week i went with my cousin michael to hunt with the belvoir hunt. we had a fantastic day jumping hedges 6ft plus with a 2 metre spread and post and rail in the the centre to give them strenght. I personnely hadnt jumped anything so large before and with ditches the overside just to top the hedge off. I must take my hat off to my horse willdo.
This Saturday we decided to go with the Quorn hunt in leicestershire a neighbouring pack to the Belvoir. The day started with josh hanbury the field master jumping forty plus hedges and fences. i learnt my level of fitness was poor. Being known for my patience id managed to get behind a line going through a gap on the hedge, i decided i hadn’t time for this. So i jumped the hedge with sheep netting in front. As we where in the air i looked down to see the other side had electric netting. I don’t remember anything past this point as the horse landed on top of me and knocked me out. I was taken to hospital, my elbow on the left was broken in two places and my head has had a hiding. I’m in high spirits but sore. My relationship with Fiona has gone to a new level as im unable to dress myself.

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Irish, Americans and English Nuffields get together for LAMMA Show. Wednesday was a good day at Lamma show, I meet Michael Horsch who was the highlight of the show with good decision on Controlled traffic farming. The show expands every year and will soon take over from cereals. Shame about the temperature, Only farmers would have an out door show in January at 3 C. On returning home i was pleased to see Kevin and Una Nolan, Nick and Jessica from USA who came to stay whilst flying in for Lamma and back to Dublin. Kevin had some treats for them both with a focus on drinking, good old irish socialising.

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Clayland Farmers talk.

On wednesday i gave a talk on my Nuffield travels and investigations on controlled traffic farming. It was an enjoyable evening with 40+ local farmers. We discussed the merits of CTF and weed management in paticular ‘blackgrass’. As the chairman Martin Lines put it ‘there will be alot of over hedge watching’ as i put CTF into action.

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After Four and half years Fiona and i are getting married. We went out on the horses to ride in the snow when i proposed. We have set the date for 4th June 2011. Its will be my birthday so i wont forget the anniversary in years to come. Im looking forward to a Nuffield wedding.

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In the news ‘Down Under’

During a visit to Australia last year, as part of his Nuffield Scholarship, James joined a Canadian group looking at controlled traffic farming. Their tour of South East Queensland made it into the Australian farming press and featured in The Land during January this year.

The full article can be viewed as a PDF by clicking here and the online version (first published in December 2010) is available below by clicking on the source link below.

Source: The Land