Visit from kevin

Friday I was lucky to visit dick Goodwin a leading world expert on compaction from Silsoe university. Compaction focuses as a large part of my Nuffield scholarship I’m grateful for his time.
I’ve been blessed with Kevin beaty coming to stay for the night on his way to a cow meeting in Stamford, why would anyone organise a meeting for cows in a no cow friendly area could only be a levy board decision. Good to see him.

Up date on the farm. Michael has been working hard digging out ditches and finding new land drains. Chris young has been mole draining and will start drilling spring oilseed rape hopefully tomorrow. Chris Bullen has completed all of the fertilising and spraying to date. We are loading out 2030 tonnes of wheat for frontier this week. Julian is doing a sterling job keeping the rabbits of the crops and the pigeons from leaving the osr alone long enough to grow away.

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Farmers Weekly

Made it into Farmers weekly looking slim.
Ive told Fiona this is how i looked before she started feeding me. Fiona Bruce is looking good. Edward Morgan a friend of mine told me i must go for the name, ‘Bruce‘.
It isn’t until another person analysis your business you see the changes over a number of years. I’m pleased to see the same staff are present to today. Its interesting to look at a 10 year plan done 4 years ago and see the targets set and the projects long forgotten.
Wedding plans are going slowly, i cant see how anyone would get married twice. Organising a wedding is enough to put you off. Don’t mention the W word or prices double and payment terms a month before the event. Been doing the wedding list, hope i don’t forget anyone. I didn’t realise how many family members I’ve collected.

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