Silo bags

Storing harvest in the field. 250 tonnes per bag. 75 metres by 5 metres.

Warning do not exceed the stretch of the bag or it will rip to the end. Measure the plastic expanding strip.

The tractor is left in neutral and brakes are applied on the machine to give resistance so the grain fills the bag and pushes the tractor forward. The grain is loaded into the hopper via chaser bin.

Home made tractor

If you don’t wanted to continue buying tractors from leading manufactures then build your own. This tractor has a Bedford tk cab.

On the way to Hyden to see one of David’s farms about 4.5 hours from his base and 11 hours by tractor we called into see Will Hull from england who’s family farm in Essex Malden. One of the smartest farm yards I’ve seen here. He showed me a simple but effective seed cleaning plant.

One of the few farms which have grainstores in large sheds and silos. To fill the sheds they use an 84 ft auger, they remove a roof sheet to surcharge the grain. Its the simple approach to solving problems i enjoy in Australia. The workshop building was super and has driven me to improve ours.

WA busselton

I’ve arrived in western Australia. Ed cox is busy getting the silage in for the 1000 cows. He has just taken on an additional 3000 acres on an FBT. I pray for this to happen in the UK.

The white v6 ford falcon sports hatch is my hire car.

The artic lorries are used for silage cart.

An English man Tim who used to work on a neighbours farm in england is the main machinery man for Ed, it’s a small world.
Claas machinery is making a mark in Oz. This one has had a new engine as the last one dropped a value, it cost 15000 dollars to fly from Brisbane to Perth and get to Busselton.