Ups and Downs

Woke this morning to find we had 8981 litres of tractor diesel stolen worth excess £6400,00.
Hedge planting has started on the recently dug out ditch.
Hit a water pipe today, causing a small flood.
Managed Hedge cutting and liquid fertilising on the land.
Fertiliser spreader has been put on ready for optimistic sulphur spreading to boast the oil seed rape.
Two Swans have graced us on the farm pond.

John Deere wheel extensions

John Deere 7530 has some extensions built for controlled traffic farming. These extensions are 1.8 metres between the tyres which is our wheel spacing. Charles Padfield from Padco made the extensions especially for our requirement. This was the last machine to have the adjustment made which means we are 100% Controlled Traffic Farmed for 2013. It’s first application will be apply sulphur fertiliser.

Homeward bound

On route from Louisville Kentucky to Chicago we found an agricultural auction site which had 10’s of acres of machinery lined up.

Went to the Willis (sears) building which is the tallest in USA and was the tallest in the world until 2004 you can see as far as four states on a clear day.

Called in at a cowboy shop and found the jeans didn’t fit.

Drax power station

Drax power station just outside Selby produces 7-10% of the uk power.

Producing electricity from coal and biomass. The biomass is from miscanthus, willow, popular and wheat straw.

The visit was organised by Bill Young for Nuffield Scholars. It was good to catch up with some friends while we had a tour around the 2000 acre power plant.