Second sugar beet cleaner

We have started running a second sugar beet cleaner which has come out of retirement. To keep up with the increased yield this year and the reduced permits at Bury factory due to a major breakdown we have put 3 lorries on a second cleaner delivering into Wissington. Melvin is loading his lorry using the cleaner he used as man and boy. 

Beet eater is harvesting our sugar beet in front of the loading team at 6 km/Hr. 

LAMMA 2015

LAMMA 2015 was held at East of England show ground with weather at 2c with a wind chill. Only farmers would have an outside show in the winter. 

Enjoyable day looking at machinery and technology. 

This show has developed into a successful UK agricultural show. 

Next sugar beet lift

We have started the last lift of sugar beet. Bryon is on the tractor and trailer keeping the harvester running, 

Sammy and Michael are ploughing and combination drilling behind. Big beet in this field which was after min till.  Nigel Harrison is the lifting contractor. Adam is sweeping up behind the boys and keeping the drill running with seed. Yield 109.46 on min till land and 95/84 on ploughed base. 

Steeple bumpstead AG discussion group

Last night I was the guest speaker at the Steeple Bumpstead Agricultural Discussion group. The evening started with dinner at Mr and Mrs J Suckling. The group had over 50 members in the hall. I spoke about controlled traffic farming and Px Farms. Good to see some familiar faces from the old days. 

Yesterday the new Isuzu pickup arrived to replace our 17 year old trooper which sadly gave up the ghost. Comes in PX farms green.