Winter drilling behind sugar beet a challenge outside of CTF.

We are cultivating and drilling after some sugar beet lifted and grown by another. The operation wasn’t conducted under CTF conditions and its like going back in time for me and seeing the soil behave so differently. The weight of modern machinery driven with out care to the soil causes years of compaction and poor root development. The soil is lifeless and we have had to get the plough out to try to lift the soil as it’s so compacted.

In a couple of years time with extensive work we will transform this soil. The dry time seems to be a distant memory.

Sugar beet harvest is going well

We have replaced the trailer this year with a Hawe beet chaser. It allows us to build bigger piles because of the length and height of the elevator. The reducing the stored beet pile allows more following crop into the ground, reduces compaction.

The trailer carries 30 ton so can fill a lorry directly. The elevator provides a form of cleaning. Tri axle with wide tyres reduces compaction and fewer movements across the land.

The sugars are high at 18.7 %.

Potatoes in Norfolk

Potato lifting is going well with conditions in our favour. The potatoes are being lifted by the grimme 2 row self propelled and put into a Jones potato chaser which in turns loads a lorry and start to the factory to make crisps. With the sea in the back ground they will make good salt and vinegar crisps.